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Friday, April 1, 2016

Free Pattern Friday- An April Shower!

Today's free pattern is in honor of today, the first day of April. Here in Southern California, our April showers are minimal, so in order to bring a little bit of the spirit of spring to my house, I made an April Shower. :)

This little raindrop is pretty easy to create and, the best part? NO SEWING! Yep, those arms and legs are just crocheted on, no sewing needed. Ready to get started? Here he is!

What you'll need:
-WW yarn
- F hook (G will work fine too!)
- Stuffing
- Safety eyes


R1: 4 sc in mr
R2: sc around (4)
R3: **2sc in next st, sc in next** rpt around (6)
R4: sc around (6)
R5: **2sc in next st, sc in next** rpt around (9)
R6: sc around (9)
R7: **2sc in next st, sc in next 2 ** rpt around (12)
R8: sc around (12)
R9: **2sc in next st, sc next** rpt around (18)
R10: sc around (18)
R11: **2sc in next st, sc in next 2 st** rpt around (24)
R12: sc around (24)
R13: **2sc in next st, sc next 3 st** rpt around (30)
R14: sc around (30)
R15: sc next st, ch 4, sk 4, sc next 11, ch 4, sk 4, sc last 10 (30)
R16-19: sc in each st around (30)
R20: sc next 4, ch 4, sk 4, sc next 5, ch4, sk 4, sc last 13 st (30)
R21: sc in each st around (30)
R22: **sc2tog, sc next 4** rpt around (25)
R23: **sc2tog, sc next 3** rpt around (20)

Stuff. Add safety eyes between rows 12 and 13. Embroider mouth around row 15.

R24: **sc2tog, sc next 2** rpt around (15)
R25: **sc2tog, sc next** rpt around (10)
R26: **sc2tog** rpt around (5)
f/o leaving a long tail. Weave tail through last st, pull tight. Weave in end.

Arms and legs:
R1: Rejoin yarn in one of the chain spaces. Sc in each st around, including the “corner” st. (8)
R2-3: sc around (8)
R4: **sc2tog** around (4)

f/o, leaving a tail to weave through remaining 4 st. pull tight and weave in end.

Rpt for the rest of the “limbs”. 

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