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Friday, January 15, 2016

Free Pattern Friday- Wallykazam!

  • Good morning! 

  • I have for you today one of my favorite patterns and the second pattern that I ever wrote! I made this for my son's birthday because he was IN LOVE with Wallykazam. It was so popular, that I had to make one for my second son (and tweak the pattern in the process). He's fun to make and fun to give to little ones who love the show!

  • Have fun! 

  • If you'd like to purchase a pdf of this pattern for easier use and readability, I do offer it for .99, just send me a message at :)
Don't crochet? I'll make you one! Send me a message at or my Facebook page. :)

Pattern Details:
  • -  Worsted Weight Yarn (I used aqua, tan, blue, dark brown,
    lavender, black, white)
  • -  G Hook
  • -  Fiberfill
  • -  Yarn Needle for sewing pieces together/ embellishments
  • -  Fabric stiffener (optional)
    Stitches used:
  • -  Magic circle (mc) (tutorial found here:
  • -  Single crochet (sc)
  • -  Single crochet two together (sc2tog)
  • -  Chain (ch)
  • -  Slip stitch (sl st)
Head: (aqua yarn)
R1: sc 6 in mc (6)

R2: 2sc in each stitch (12) R3: **2sc, sc** around (18) R4: **2sc, sc 2** around (24) R5: **2sc, sc 3** around (30) R6: **2sc, sc 4** around (36)
©LauraMae’s Crochet. This pattern may not be copied, duplicated or reproduced.
R7: **2sc, sc 5** around (42) R8-15: sc around (42)
R16: **sc2tog, sc 5** around (36) R17: **sc2tog, sc 4** around (30) R18: **sc2tog, sc 3** around (24) R19: **sc2tog, sc 2** around (18) R20: **sc2tog, sc** around (12) R21-22: sc2tog til closed

R23: ch 4, sl st in same space (makes the ear) F/o Reattach yarn to very first st on other side. Ch 4, sl st to same st. (other ear made). F/o weave in ends

**You will turn head sideways to sew to body**

Eyes: (make 2)
(dark brown) R1: sc 4 in mc
(change to white) R2: 2sc in each. (8) f/o using black, embroider pupils in eyes sew to head

Nose: (lavender yarn) R1: 6 sc in mc (6)
R2: **sc in first st, 3sc in next** (rpt 3x) (12)
R3-5: sc around (12). f/o leaving long tail. Sew to face

Embroider mouth and tooth on face using black and white yarn. Use picture for guide if necessary. Tie a few short strands of dark brown to top of head for hair.
Body: (tan)
R1: sc 6 in mc (6)

R2: 2sc in each (12)
R3: **2sc, sc** around (18)
R4: sc in next 3, 2sc in next 3, sc in next 6, 2sc in next 3, sc in last 3 (24)
R5: sc in next 4, 2sc in next 3, sc in next 9, 2sc in next 3, sc in last 5 (30)
R6-12: sc around (30)

Change to dark brown
R13-15: sc around (30)
R16a: sc 15, join to stitch across
R17- 23a: sc around

** This creates first leg, Fasten off and reattach to the unworked stitches from other side of body to make second leg**

R16-23b: sc around. (15) Fasten off.

Feet: (make 2) (aqua) R1: 6 sc in mc (6)
R2: 2 sc in each (12)
R3: **sc2, sc** around (18)
R4: sc around (18)
R5:sc6,(ch4,sl st in 2
nd , sc2 in next, sc, sl st in original st, sc in next st) rpt 3 more times., sc in last 8 st.
R6: sc around
R7: **sc2tog, sc** around (12)
R8: sc2tog til closed. f/o leave long tail. Sew to bottom of legs

Arms: (make 2) (dark blue) R1: sc 6 in mc (6)
R2: sc2 in each (12)
R3: **sc2, sc** around (18)
R4-10: sc around (18)
R11: change to aqua, sc around (18)
R12: sc around (18)
R13: sl st ends together. Turn, (ch 4, sl st in 2
nd ch from hook,
sc2 in next st, sc in next, sl st to first stitch, sc in next) rpt 3 times (omitting last sc in last rpt)

Sew arms on to body
Embroider “buttons” onto chest with dark brown yarn. (attach yarn for first “button,” tie knot in place. Place needle diagonal from knot, tie another knot. Place needle through body, bringing up above previous knot, tie knot. Place needle diagonal, tie last knot.)

Ch20,turn, sc in 2
nd ch from hook and in next 7.Ch 9, sc in 2nd
chain from hook and in next stitches until you reach original ch. Sl st in next st and down rest of chain.
If desired, use fabric stiffener. Sew stick to hand. 

©LauraMae’s Crochet. This pattern may not be copied, duplicated or reproduced.

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