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Friday, February 20, 2015

Free Pattern Friday - Pascal the Puppy

Welcome to Free Pattern Friday! Today's free pattern is Pascal the Puppy. 
I created this little guy as a keychain for my son's teacher. But he was so adorable, I just couldn't keep him to myself! Here are the instructions to make him. Click HERE to add him to your Ravelry.

Items Needed:
size F crochet hook
WW yarn
Yarn needle for sewing pieces together
safety eyes, nose (if desired)

Stitches Used:
    • single crochet (sc)
    • magic circle (m)
    • single crochet 2 together (sc2tog)
    • slip stitch (sl st)
    • chain (ch)

R1: 6 sc in mc
R2-3: sc around (6)
R4: 2sc in each st (12)
R5: **2sc in 1st st, sc in next** rpt around (18)
R6-9: sc in each st (18)
R10: **sc2tog, sc in next** around (12)
Add safety eyes, nose and stuff
R11: sc2tog (6)
R12: sc2tog (3)
f/o, leave tail for weaving through last 3 stitches. Pull closed. Weave ends into head

R1: 6 sc in mc
R2: 2sc in each st (12)
R3: **2sc in 1 st, sc in next 2** rpt around (16)
R4-9: sc around
R10: **sc2tog, sc in next 2 st** rpt around (12)
R11: sc2tog around (6)
f/o leave tail for weaving through last stitches. Pull closed. Use rest of tail for sewing on head

Ears: (make 2)
ch 5
R1: sc across. turn work 180 degrees so that you are working across the back. Sc across (10)
R2-4: sc around
R5: **sc2tog in next st, sc in next 3 st** around (8)
R6-9: sc around
f/o, leaving tail to sew to head

Legs: (make 4)
R1: 6 sc in mc
R2: 2sc in each st (12)
R3: sc around
R4: sc2tog, sc in next st (6)
R5-9: sc around
f/o leaving tail for sewing to body

ch 7. sl st across
f/o leaving tail for sewing

Sew pieces together. Embroider on facial features.

Now name him and post a picture! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Free Pattern Friday!.... or Maybe Saturday....

Good Morning! So yesterday was free pattern Friday, where I post a new free pattern for you. I had this adorable little puppy ready to type up, but here's what happened- My son had his school Valentine's day party to get ready for, I had to finish Valentine's presents for my boys, we went to visit a friend who just had a new baby.... the list goes on. Then, finally, I had the chance to sit down and type it up, only to discover that the person that plugged the charger in (me) didn't plug it in right. The computer was dead.
So, next week, you get the adorable little puppy pattern. But this week, in light of Valentine's day, I'll have a free pattern code for you! Go to my ravelry store and use code "happyvday" for a free pattern of your choice! Code ends Sunday (2/15) at 11:59PM (PST).
I hope you enjoy, and thank you for understanding! Join me next week again for free pattern Friday!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Free Pattern Friday: Tiny Narwhal

Hello! Welcome to our first "free pattern Friday!" Say hello to Newton, my tiny Narwhal. :)

If you'd like to add him to your Ravelry, click Here 

Here is the pattern for Newton, the Tiny Narwhal:

What you'll need:
2 colors worsted weight (#4) yarn
size F crochet hook
tapestry needle
stitch marker

stitches used:
single crochet- sc
magic circle- mc
single crochet 2 together- sc2tog
slip stitch- sl st
chain - ch
half double crochet- hdc

     - stitch counts are in parentheses at end of each round

R1: Make 6 sc in mc (6)
R2: 2sc in each st around (12)
R3: **2sc in next st, sc in next** rpt 5x (18)
R4-6: sc in each st (18)
R7: **sc2tog in next st, sc in next st** rpt 5x (12)
R8-10: sc in each st around (12)
-- Stuff. If using safety eyes, add them at this point--
R11: sc2tog 6x (6)
-- fold ends together. Make sure stitches line up with each other. If safety eyes were used, make sure straight part of tail lines up across with eyes (or your tail will be sideways). This will be your tail. - -
R12: Sl st 2 sides together (3)

ch 4, turn. Sc in 2nd chain from hook, hdc in next ch, 2hdc in next ch. Sl st across 3 tail st. ch 4, turn. Sc in 2nd chain from hook, hdc in next ch, 2hdc in next ch. Sl st in next st, sc in next, sl st in last.
Photo of sl st ends of  tail together

Reattach yarn in side of narwhal.
Sc in joining st, and next 2 st(3)
Turn (no ch1), sc2tog in turning st and next, sc2tog in same st and next (2)
Turn (no ch1), sc2tog
Repeat for other side

R1: sc 4 in mc
R2-5: sc around
Sew horn on to top of head. Embroider on eyes and mouth.

Your last step: Name your narwhal and post a picture of him/her!

Introducing the Elephant Stitch!

I recently released a new pattern that includes a new stitch I designed called the "elephant stitch."

Can you see the resemblance? I'm pretty excited about this one and can't wait to design more - I'm thinking hats, fingerless gloves, bootcuffs, earwarmers.... I'm getting ahead of myself! 

Here is the link to the pattern if you're interested. Buy it by Monday, February 9, and get it for only $1!